Outside specs2

The specs2 matchers are a well-delimited piece of functionality that you should be able to reuse in your own test framework. You can reuse the following traits:

Without any dependency on specs2

It is possible to add testing features to your library without depending on a specific testing library, like specs2 or ScalaTest. You will let clients of your library decide which one they want with the following trait:

trait TestInterface {
  def fail(msg: String): Nothing
  def skip(msg: String): Nothing
// and use the trait in your library
trait TestKit extends TestInterface {
  def runTest(call: =>Unit) = {
    // run the code and if there is an error

When there is a failure or an error the library will call the TestKit methods. Then the library client can use both the library and specs2 by mixing in the org.specs2.matcher.ThrownMessages trait:

trait ThrownMessages { this: ThrownExpectations =>
  def fail(m: String): Nothing = failure(m)
  def skip(m: String): Nothing = skipped(m)

class MySpec extends Specification with TestKit with ThrownMessages { def is = s2"""
  An example using the TestKit $e1
  def e1 = {
    // do something with the library