Case class matchers

There is a special support for matching case classes, using a matcher macro. To use it you need to add the specs2-matcher-extra jar to your project and add the org.specs2.matcher.MatcherMacros trait to your specification.

Then, with the matchA matcher you can check the values of case class attributes:

// case class for a Cat
case class Cat(name: String = "", age: Int = 0, kitten: Seq[Cat] = Seq())
// a given cat
val cat = Cat(name = "Kitty", age = 6, kitten = Seq(Cat("Oreo", 1), Cat("Ella", 2)))

// this cat must be a Cat
cat must matchA[Cat]

// check the value of "name"
cat must matchA[Cat].name("Kitty")

// check the value of "age" using a matcher
def is[A](a: A) = be_==(a)
cat must matchA[Cat].age(is(6))

// check the value of "kitten" using a function returning a Result
cat must matchA[Cat].kitten((_:Seq[Cat]) must haveSize(2))

// matchers can be chained
cat must matchA[Cat]
  .kitten((_:Seq[Cat]) must haveSize(2))

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