package runner

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Type Members

  1. abstract class BaseSbtRunner extends Runner

    Runner for Sbt

  2. trait ClassRunner extends AnyRef

    The class runner expects the first command-line argument to be the class name of a specification to execute

  3. trait FilesRunner extends AnyRef

    This trait finds specifications in the source directory, instantiate them and report them using various printers as specified on the command line

  4. class JUnitRunner extends Runner with Filterable

    Runner for specs2 specifications

  5. case class MasterSbtRunner(args: Array[String], remoteArgs: Array[String], loader: ClassLoader) extends BaseSbtRunner with Product with Serializable
  6. case class NotifierRunner(notifier: Notifier) extends Product with Serializable

    This runner can be used with any class implementing the Notifier trait

  7. case class SbtTask(aTaskDef: TaskDef, env: Env, loader: ClassLoader) extends Task with Product with Serializable
  8. case class SlaveSbtRunner(args: Array[String], remoteArgs: Array[String], loader: ClassLoader, send: (String) ⇒ Unit) extends BaseSbtRunner with Product with Serializable
  9. trait SpecificationFingerprint extends SubclassFingerprint
  10. trait SpecificationsFinder extends AnyRef

    This trait loads specifications found on a given source directory based on a regular expression representing the Specification name, usually .*Spec

  11. class Specs2Framework extends Framework

    Implementation of the Framework interface for the sbt tool.

    Implementation of the Framework interface for the sbt tool. It declares the classes which can be executed by the specs2 library.

Value Members

  1. object ClassRunner extends ClassRunner
  2. object ConsoleLogger extends Logger
  3. object Fingerprints
  4. object NoEventHandler extends EventHandler
  5. object Runner

    reusable actions for Runners

  6. object SpecificationsFinder extends SpecificationsFinder
  7. object TextRunner extends ClassRunner

    Test runner to simulate a console run

  8. object consoleRunner extends ClassRunner
  9. object files extends FilesRunner

    Run specification files from the command line with specs2.files <specification name> <arguments>

  10. object sbtRun extends MasterSbtRunner

    This object can be used to debug the behavior of the SbtRunner