Specification template

On the Contexts page we saw that there is a way to define an action which will be executed before all examples with the BeforeAll trait. You actually might want to create your own trait extending BeforeAll in order to reuse this action in more than one specification:

trait DatabaseSetup extends BeforeAll {
  def beforeAll = println("prepare database")

class DatabaseSpecification1 extends Specification with DatabaseSetup { def is = s2"""
  // do something with the database

How does this work? The BeforeAll trait overrides a method called map in the SpecificationStructure trait (a parent of Specification) and adds one Step before anything else in the specification:

override def map(fs: =>Fragments): Fragments =

The map method is indeed called every time the specification returns the list of Fragments defining it. You can leverage this method and define your own “Specification templates”:

And if you want to know more

You will probably need to learn a bit more about specs2 “Fragments” API in order to modify, delete or add new “Fragments”.