Detailed topics

Topic See
Create an example with just some code as the description Auto-examples
Use the Given/When/Then style Given when then
Gather all expectations in an example Get all expectations
Reference another specification Reference other specifications
Add formatting to a specification Specification formatting
Create example names automatically in an acceptance specification Named examples
Infer example descriptions from text in an acceptance specification Auto-numbered examples
Create HTML tables to specify examples Forms
Create examples “on the fly” as the specification executes Create online specifications
Create an example with different data displayed in a table Datatables
Fragments API Fragments API
Create a new type of Result AsResult typeclass
Other build tools Other build tools
Syntax variations with matchers Syntactic variations
Matchers for case classes Case class matchers
Matchers for packages dependencies Dependency matchers
Use specs2 matchers outside of specs2 Outside specs2
Matchers reference card Reference card
Arguments reference card Arguments reference